The coalition for TB  IMpact

Tuberculosis (TB) is the 9th leading cause of death wordwide, killing 1.7 million peopel in 2016. It is now the leading infectious cause of death globally, ranking above HIV/AIDS and maleria.

Although significant progress has been made throughout the last decades, TB remains by far the most under-funded of U.S. infectious disease programs relative to its disease burden. Inadequate funding will compromise the progress made by TB programs and increase the likelihood of drug resistant TB spreading around the world and within our own borders. To protect against this threat, the U.S. must take the lead and continue investing in the tools needed to control TB – new drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines, as well as global programs that ensure access to testing and treatment. In order to enact this needed change, we created the Coalition for TB Impact

 Photo: WHO/M. Grzemska CC BY

Photo: WHO/M. Grzemska CC BY

About the Coalition  

The Coalition for TB Impact is a group of like-minded non-profits, socially conscious corporations, and other organizations working together to build a healthier world by advocating for increased treatment for TB.  We believe that resources are needed to combat both drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB. The Global Stop TB Partnership estimates that 91% of the additional funds needed to fully address the TB epidemic are for drug-susceptible TB. Improving programs for drug-susceptible TB will also help reduce creation of new cases of drug-resistant TB. Accordingly, the Coalition’s initial advocacy places more emphasis on resources for drug-susceptible TB, but the Coalition’s overall goal is allocation of more resources to fight all forms of TB.  

What the Coalition Is Calling For

The Coalition's initial advocacy action is to request the following from the United States Congress: 

  • A $150 million increase for the US Agency for International Development’s TB program to address drug-susceptible TB
  • A focus on outcomes in government-funded TB programs. More government-supported TB programs should include explicit targets for the number of additional TB patients treated and should report on performance against those targets.

Congressional Support

A bipartisan letter signed by 71 members of the House of Representatives has already called for a similar increase in funding.

Join The Coalition

You can help build a healthier and more just world. Please contact usand we can work together to help fight this global epidemic. 


Coalition Members

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