physician email templates

  1. We focus our advocacy on the U.S. Senators and Representatives on the subcommittees that fund foreign aid - the State and Foreign Operations subcommittees of Appropriations. If you are in one of the states or Congressional Districts listed below, we invite you to use these templates to get started on a personal email to your Member of Congress, sent c/o (in care of) the staffer listed. See the web pages for Tuberculosis and Comprehensive Primary Health Care for more information on what we’re asking and why.

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Subject line: Global Health: please lead on primary care and a focus on outcomes

My name is ______________ and I am a physician practicing in ____________________. I’m writing to ask you to take a leadership role in promoting global health aid for comprehensive primary health care and in calling for greater accountability for results in global health aid overall.  I support Fund for Global Health’s ask on this because (see suggestions below). Please let me know if you will consider this request.

Best regards,

(name, city)

Fill-in-the-blank possibilities:

1. The quality primary health care that we get in the US is too often lacking in the developing world, but can treat 90% of people’s health problems and identify emerging health threats early on. Primary health care facilities care for all diseases including the greatest childhood killers of pneumonia, diarrheal disease, and malaria, but such facilities are underfunded in many areas with the highest rates of child mortality. A better balance between vertical and horizontal aid would strengthen health care systems worldwide and reduce preventable mortality.

2. I know that meaningful improvements in global health care is going to require physician participation and vocal support. I have seen large scale disease-specific interventions funded by the US and other donors produce significant results in bringing down death rates, but many other health needs are missed for lack of more general medical services. Health care systems have better health outcomes when built on primary health care, and I have seen as a physician that there is a need to integrate disease-specific programs into local primary health care facilities to achieve reasonable measures for successful disease control.

3. As a physician, I have seen firsthand how limited access to primary health care has led to worse conditions in regular people, just like you and me, around the globe. For instance, complications to pregnancy are rare in countries like the US, but where doctors and nurses are not commonly available, the chances for childbirth complications are much greater. Many general health needs are missed for lack of general services and a lack of accountability in reporting health outcomes.


Subject line: Please lead on fighting global drug-susceptible TB 

My name is _________________ and I am a physician practicing in ___________________. I’m writing to ask you to put forward in the appropriations subcommittee for foreign aid a significant increase to $450 million for USAID’s Tuberculosis account.  The increase should go to fight drug-susceptible TB, the most common and easiest type to treat.  We also need accountability for the number of additional TB cases treated with US assistance. I’m supporting this Fund for Global Health ask because (see suggestions below). Please let me know if you will consider this request.

Best regards,

(name, city)

Fill-in-the-blank possibilities:

1. Tuberculosis treatment is very underfunded in light of its severe impact. There’s a real need for cost-effective funding for TB, which causes the death of 1.6 million adults and children worldwide. According to conservative cost-per-death-averted calculations for diagnosing and treating drug-susceptible TB, it costs $1,390 to save a person’s life. This means that this funding increase devoted to drug-susceptible TB would save about 108,000 lives.

2. While rates of tuberculosis are falling, they are not on track to meet the 2020 benchmarks the WHO set in its strategy to end TB. Every single minute, 20 people develop TB, 3 people die from TB, and 7 people with TB go untreated and unreported to health authorities. As a physician, it is clear to me that this preventable, curable disease has fallen by the wayside for too long.

3. Poor TB control directly affects Americans both domestically and when abroad, and also leads to forms of TB which may be difficult or impossible to treat down the road. Most cases of TB in the US occur among the foreign-born, many of whom were born in countries with poor TB control. This means that most cases of TB in the US could be prevented through this increased funding for the USAID TB account.