Internship/Volunteer Opportunities at Fund for Global Health

Fund for Global Health works on advocacy for global health solutions with the greatest potential to avert preventable death and disability.  Our current efforts include grassroots lobbying to increase U.S. foreign assistance for selected global health programs, and negotiating with the World Bank to set minimum safety requirements in loans for road projects.  

Every day, 16,000 children die of mostly preventable causes.  1.8 million people a year die of tuberculosis, now the biggest infectious disease killer.  These and other global health problems are being addressed by U.S. foreign assistance, but more needs to be done.

1.2 million people are killed and 20-50 million are injured in road crashes every year, one of the fastest-rising causes of death and injury in the world.  It is the biggest killer of young people ages 15-29, and every day more than 500 schoolchildren are killed in road crashes.  We coordinate a worldwide coalition of major organizations and grassroots NGOs advocating for safer road construction policies at the World Bank.  

This is an excellent opportunity to address major global health challenges and learn effective advocacy skills.  


The mission of the Fund for Global Health is to provide the maximum possible health benefit to vulnerable people in developing countries. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by advocating for increased U.S. funding for effective global health programs. 

A small number of U.S. Representatives and Senators on the State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees of Appropriations decide on funding for U.S. global health programs (click on bolded words to see who's on the subcommittees).  If you are in a congressional district or state represented by one of these subcommittee members, you have a unique and important opportunity to make a difference to U.S. leadership and funding for global health.  We are offering constituents of these Representatives and Senators an opportunity to engage in effective citizen lobbying to that end.  Interns and volunteers make a minimum 4-month commitment to a program of weekly communication and action, trained and supported by one of our coordinators.  All activities can be conducted remotely.

Qualifications: Being a constituent of a U.S. Representative or Senator on one of the above subcommittees.  Other qualifications:
•    Reliability; promptness in responding to communications
•    Excellent written and verbal communications skills
•    Helpful: experience in advocacy, outreach, organizing and training people

To apply, please submit the following via email to Keith Johnson at
•    Resume or CV
•    1 or 2-page writing sample
•    Single paragraph describing why you are interested in this position